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Max Hospital & Diagnosis: Managing Director Speech
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Managing Director Speech


Dr. Md  Liakat   Ali Khan

Managing    Director



Dear Visitor,

Welcome to official website of Max-Hospital and Diagnostics  Ltd.

Max Hospital and Diagnostics Ltd. is a multi-speciality  unit like Coronary Care Unit(CCU),Intensive Care Unit (ICU),Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU),Kidney, Nephrology , Surgery , Gynaecology , Emergenchy  Care  Unit  etc along with performing various medical test of  the  pathology , Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cardiology (Angiogram,Echocardiography, ECG,ETT ETC),  Radio-imaging(MRI, CT Scan ,Ultra sonogram etc),  Neurology(EEG,NCV)  etc.

Within a very short span of time from its inception on 1st January ,2014 we have built an enviable reputation as excellence health service  provider in the greater Chattogram due to high level of service by our Doctors and nurses in various specialty professional.

Our aim is to provide compassionate patient’s care through our clinical excellent for achieving a single  minded objective “ Saving and Enriching Lives”. We  also aim at being the pioneer in changing the perception that quality healthcare provided by private hospitals is beyond the reach of common man , with choice of cost effective care and a  wide range of services  and facilities to choose from . We are energized by our vision of making a significant contribution in turning  this  region into a global healthcare hub. We aspire to be the preferred healthcare destination globally and a brand of choice within the greater Chattogram . Above all , we envision the Max Hospital and Diagnostics  Ltd as an organization  that offers the most appropriate and standardized medical treatment along with compassionate care , at an affordable price point . We would be only too glad to hear more from you and make the Max Hospital and Diagnostics Ltd more responsive to your needs.

We conclude  that  our specialist , nurses and health care support staff are always ready here to  help you achieve the best possible quality of life whatever your health concern may be .

Wishing a healthy life to all of you