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Max Hospital & Diagnosis: Our Focus
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Our Focus


A hospital founded by doctors,MAX Hospital & Diagnostic priority was and remains our patients.’Putting Patients First’ is not just our motto;it is our way of life.Be it bringing in the latest innovation and the brightest minds,the best equipments and facilities or the adoption of stringent standards and protocols.



  • Promote the philosophy of continuous quality improvement throughout the hospital.
  • Promote a multidisciplinary focus and approach, while addressing all aspects of quality patient care and service delivery.
  • Implement a structure and process of conscientious, deliberate and continuous review of the quality of patient care and service delivery, through the measurement of performance indicators.
  • Promote a continuous quality improvement value system that encourages CQI Team members and all employees to focus on outcomes of patient care and service delivery, and to do so in a spirit of cooperation and pride in achievements.
  • Promote and implement mechanisms that encourage the involvement of patients and families in the determination of what constitutes quality health care.

We are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Max Hospital & Diagnostic Limited.The history of medicine is as old as the history of mankind.The practice of art of medicine has travelled a long way keeping hand with human civilization.Today’s medicine isn’t just about healing people.In addition,Doctors are taking into account the social,economical,cultural & religious perspective.when a person becomes sick,not only the patient but also the whole family needs support.So the art of medicine is now a vast arena of knowlede,skills,and multi-sectorial inter relation & inter personal communications.

Dr.Md Liakat Ali Khan,Managing Director