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Max Hospital & Diagnosis: Quality Policy
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Quality Policy


Max Hospital & Diagnostic is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services needed to make better health care decisions which started from 1 july,2014.We offer the broadest access to diagnostic testing services through our network of laboratories and patient service centers,and provide interpretive consultation through our extensive medical and scientific staff.Max Hospital & Diagnostic is a pioneer in developing innovative diagnostic tests and advanced health care information technology solutions that help improve patient care.

Quality management

To be commited to organizational Excellent and continuous quality improvement & to strive to exceed international healthcare standards through an integrated quality management system.

Effective communication

To surpass patient expectations through excetations services quality and outstanding clinical outcomes and to encourages collaborative and multi-disciplinary patient care through Teamwork and effective communication.

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We are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Max Hospital & Diagnostic Limited.The history of medicine is as old as the history of mankind.The practice of art of medicine has travelled a long way keeping hand with human civilization.Today’s medicine isn’t just about healing people.In addition,Doctors are taking into account the social,economical,cultural & religious perspective.when a person becomes sick,not only the patient but also the whole family needs support.So the art of medicine is now a vast arena of knowlede,skills,and multi-sectorial inter relation & inter personal communications.

Dr.Liakat Ali Khan,Managing Director