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Many patients suffer from allergic skin diseases. These diseases often go years without diagnosis. The Stanford Contact Dermatitis clinic offers a full spectrum of patch testing in order to determine what contactants our patients are allergic to. We are able to specialize the patch testing based on individual hobbies, occupations and practices, and we have the capability to test patients to their own products. Thus, we hope to help patients discover and avoid those items that may be causing their rash.

Care and Treatment of Skin Allergies

An allergic skin condition (skin allergy) is when an allergen (a substance that causes an allergic reaction) triggers an immune system response, resulting in irritated skin. Many times, patients suffer from skin allergies for years before receiving a diagnosis.

Common products that cause skin allergies may include:


  • Nickel and metal products
  • Fragrances
  • Preservatives
  • Rubber products
  • Hair dyes
  • Plants
  • Skin care products

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