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Max Hospital & Diagnosis: Urology Department
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Urology Department

Our Ambulatory System

Professional manner of treatment & better heart care

 A legacy of excellence in patient care

 Latest medications and interventional heart disease procedures

Highest quality of care

Congenital heart disease and other rare heart conditions

The specialty of urology focuses on the urinary system for both men and women, as well as the male reproductive system and genitals. In addition to providing superlative patient care, the urologists at the University of Arizona College of Medicine are dedicated to improving understanding of urologic diseases through research and discovery. In addition, we provide outstanding education and training for residents and medical students as well as extensive community and academic service.

Patient care

Our doctors are experts in diagnosing and caring for patients with common as well as rare and complex urologic diseases in  children and adults. We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for all types of urologic disorders, including cancers, kidney stones, incontinence, impotence, prostate diseases, bladder problems and deformities.

Why Choose Us

Our doctors also have advanced training and proficiency in the most modern surgical technologies — robotic, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries — and are leading the way in developing the next generation of surgical techniques.

Because we are actively involved in research, we offer patients a wide spectrum of the most up-to-the-minute treatment options available. Specific areas of research include cancers of the prostate and kidney, urinary stone disease, incontinence and urinary system reconstructio

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